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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Round Table Knights - Winter Mix

As the snow melts away, and is replaced by a grey sheet in the sky and droplets of cold rain, turn on this lovely Winter Mix by the talented Round Table Knights - It's pretty good. Giles has been a busy bee of late, if you've been down to Snafu recently (which I'm hoping you have!), covering for Steve on Dirty Hearts Club, his usual stance at Mixtape and picking up the residential Wednesday's of course. I have been away for a wee while, my last support slot being last November. MK will be back on the bandwagon soon. Now let the Round Table Knights warm up your frosty bones which this sublime mix. . .

1. Oy - Positivili
2. Die Vogel - Petardo
3. Solomun - Cloud Dancer
4. Ike - Diskadenz
5. Wareika - Mountain Ride
6. Patrick Kunkel, M. in - Frauen & Blumen ft. Harold Todd
7. Round Table Knights - Drop The Dow
8. Daniel Steinberg - Rush Me
9. Coyu, Uner - Raw Sweat
10. Camel - Obrigado
11. Solo - Joga Bola (Round Table Knights Remix)
12. &Me - On
13. Jamie Anderon - Karimba
14. Precious System - Voice From Planet Love (Dixon Chic-A-Go Edit)
15. Prosumer, Murat Tepeli - U&I ft. Elif Bicer
16. Solphiction presents Missing Linkx - Who To Call

Their new single 'Calypso' is due to drop on Made To Play on 15th February - it expresses the first signs of summer, and it likes it. Check out the video HERE.

MK x