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Monday, 22 March 2010

Electrique BIG UP Boutique

First and foremost, Electrique Boutique have featured in this month's Mixmag as one of Britain's best free club nights. . .

"Dirty, bassy, electronica is hard to find in Aberdeen, certainly midweek. Thank God for Electrique Boutique. 'It gets quite rambunctious' one barmaid tells us. At £1.50 for a vodka mixer we're not surprised."

Most credit for this must be given to the monthly Electrique Boutique players, since I've been fairly out of the game since the beginning of this year, so pats on the backs to Kaplank Kapow (Krazzy Martin, Eezma, Talcolm X), Spin The Bottle (Bones and Money), Switch (PEDS, Dickie Drysdale) and of course the hostess with the mostest Mr Giles Walker. In other news, LES PETITS PILOUS touched base in Aberdeen on Friday night and fucking killed it. I was on supporting duties for the duration of the night, which I really enjoyed, and everyone who was there seemed to like what I was playing, so big love to all of yous! The French electronic stallions played a killer set with some big tunes aimed to please you all. Everyone seemed to have a fantastic night and Anthony and Jean-Patrick had a great night. They will hopefully be back to Aberdeen some time soon!

As a treat, here is a mixtape they have done for the Born To Film website; lovely stuff.

Next up folks? On the 24th March we have Adam Ackers and Yoin on duty for EB, Cagedbaby taking his residency spot on the 26th March and in no time at all, we have the return of HOT CHIP's Joe Goddard coming to spin the decks for us again....

MK x


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